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11/10/2017Veterinary Clinics I11
07/17/2017Dog Vaccinations I11
06/12/2017Vacations I11
05/23/2017Changing Pet Ownership 2016 I10
05/23/2017Fan Wear I11
05/23/2017Internet Providers I11
03/07/2017Pet Medicines V11
I want to say thank you for the nice surprise I got in my mailbox today. The $50.00 was a total shock. It came just in time for me to treat my husband to lunch.
Hello and thank you for the $25 check I received in the mail this week. This is the FIRST time I've EVER been rewarded for my efforts.
THANK YOU so very much. I received a check today for a survey! What a pleasant surprise. Refreshing to know there really are some honest companies out there.
Thank you so much. I never doubted for a minute that you were a legitimate company. I love sharing my opinion so keep the surveys coming. Thanks again for my $25 surprise.